Reiki for Your Pets

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Reiki in a nutshell: Reiki promotes deep relaxation and releases blockages within our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Release of tension and blockages then allows the natural flow of energy through the body, releasing toxins and waste products as the blockages leave.

Once the blockages are removed, our bodies have the ability to receive, hold and store more energy.

I had the pleasure of giving some energy healing to Francie & Phoenix (not pictured) at Lisa's farm today. I love seeing animals respond to Reiki, especially when they struggle with trust issues.

The Short List of Benefits:

  1. Loosens blocked energy in the body and promotes a sense of deep relaxation.Loosens blocked energy in the body and promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

  2. Provides relief from acute and chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

  3. Significantly reduces stress and tension.

  4. Shortens the healing time after medical procedures.

  5. Boosts and strengthens the immune system.

  6. Releases blocked and suppressed feelings.

  7. Works as a complement to all types of healing.

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