diane ABOUT DIANE: Diane Novak is a Reiki practitioner who began her Reiki career in 2001 in New York after the towers fell on September 11, 2001.
Diane felt she had to shift the way she looked at the world and energy healing felt like a natural direction. Diane continued her Reiki education learning from different teachers and is currently a Reiki Master.

In 2007, she added Quantum Touch to her tool belt of energy modalities and finds QT is a wonderful assist to un-blocking blocked energy in the body.
Together with her husband and son, plus many companion animals, the family lives on six lovely acres close to beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Franklin County.

How it all started:Growing up a severely allergic child with debilitating allergies which prevented her from living with pets, Diane vowed she'd have a houseful of animals one day. True to her pledge (Parents, read Diane's article on allergies) Diane now boasts a lively household of three dogs (Katie, adopted at age 13 from Frankln County Shelter; Toby 7 adopted from a Pa shelter; and Maggie 2 adopted from Angels of Assisi) plus 3 senior cats who were former Goshen, New York strays and one insane kitten Grant found in Westlake.

Rescue Background:Prior to learning the healing arts, Diane was troubled by the proliferation of stray cats near her Orange County, New York home. After receiving a flyer from the Doris Day Animal League in 1992, she realized the situation had a simple and safe solution: Pet Sterilizations!

As a social worker, Diane met many low income families with large families struggling to make ends meet. What she also noticed was wherever poverty showed up, so did the prevalence of breeding animals. While posting fliers and sharing information with others about pet overpopulation Diane attracted like minded folks who joined the crusade to reduce animal births and deaths in Orange County. In 1993 The Spay Neuter Assistance Project (SNAP) was born.

Diane knocked on veterinary clinic doors and slowly got the nod of local vets who became supportive of the SNAP voucher (low cost coupon) system and in just a few months SNAP became a powerful vehicle for reducing un-wanted animal births. Along the way, SNAP became a small animal rescue, whose volunteers worked out of their homes.

Writing to Help Others: Diane also wrote several articles to help pet owners with specific pet related issues.These articles can be reproduced with permission from this site.Over the years, shelters and rescue groups have used her articles as handouts for first time cat owners or people calling about surrendering an animal, due to allergies.In addition, Diane taught others how to humanely trap feral cats and kittens and utilize Alley Cat Allies Trap Neuter Return program.That same year, Diane was highlighted in the Doris Day Animal League’s newsletter. Spay Day USA:Diane loved the idea of Spay Day; the brain child of animal activist, Doris Day so she offered to be the local Spay Day USA spokesperson in Orange County, NY where she solicited area veterinarians and put out press releases and asked towns to proclaim each year in February ‘Spay Day USA’.

She continued to be spokesperson until her move to Virginia. The 13th annual Spay Day USA will be held on Tuesday February 26, 2008. For more information on Spay Day go to: http://www.ddaf.org

After Grant was born, Diane took a brief hiatus from rescue and concentrated on the art of being a mommy. When Grant entered pre-school she joined forces with former SNAP volunteer Barb Mensch who breathed life into a slumbering Goshen Humane Society.

Here Diane again fostered cats and kittens in her home, placed ads in papers for the group, interviewed and counseled people about the animals they were adopting and wrote several articles to help pet owners with problems they could encounter along the way.* For a list of articles Diane has published, please click here

In addition, Diane taught volunteers how to humanely trap feral cats and kittens and had the initial support of her town to create a Trap/Neuter/Return policy with ferals. One of the most enjoyable parts of her volunteering was giving Humane Education & Pet Overpopulation seminars to elementary and pre-school children, as well as to area Scouting Troops working on badges.

Today Diane assists the homeless animals of Angels of Assisi by writing text for the animals on their site.She helps with fundraising for both Angels and The Franklin County Humane Society and writes a column called Paw Prints for The Senior News.

When not taking care of her family or volunteering Diane is working on a children's book called “The Jungle Learns a Lesson”, which teaches kids about the virtues of growing older. When time allows she watercolors and decorates wood magnets for sale.

ENERGY HEALING: Reiki & Quantum Touch sessions run between 30-60 minutes.Sessions for animals are given in the pet owner's home or stable and human clients are seen by appointment at Outreach Construction at the Forum, in Westlake.

COST & DETAILS: 30-minute sessions are $35.00 and 60 minute sessions run $65.00.To schedule an appointment, email diane@reikipets.com

Energy 101 Classes Diane offers a basic workshop for pet guardians wanting to work on their personal large and small animals.She truly believes that we all have this ability and 99% of making it work is pure intention.The other 1% is technique.Shelters and rescue groups wanting to create a fundraising opportunity may contact Diane about a workshop at their facility.

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