What is Distance Healing?

In a meditative process involving loving intention the practitioner is able to direct Reiki energy to the receiver, who may be across the room or hundreds of miles away. Since Reiki is pure energy, it is free from physical limitations. It is the same energy whether delivered by hands-on or distance healing methods. I believe that this energy is given to us as a gift from God and everyone has the ability to heal and receive healing.

How does it Work?

When I send distance energy I like to use a photo and know as much about the person or pet receiving the energy as possible. I imagine a beautiful warm healing white or gold light flowing to the areas of imbalance in the animal or person. Even though I'm not physically with the person/animal my intention to help the body heal itself will be evident as though I was in the room with them. My hands will turn red, and tingle as though I was actually touching the person oranimal. Those who have had animals receive long distance energy tell me the animal seems calmer and more restful during and after a session. People have the same experience when a distance session is done.

How Can I get started?

Just email me or call me with the name of the person or animal you are asking Reiki for. Please include the person/animal's name, age and areas of the body that need assistance. Distance healings are traditionally shorter in duration then regular hands on sessions because they work faster. The good news is, Reiki is a wonderful boost for those who have been experiencing chronic illness.


Distance sessions are normally a half hour and this service is $35.00. Please email me and I will send you the address for payment. Thank you.

What others say about Distance Reiki

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