Distance Reiki Testimonials

Niko and Serena

Serendipity - a perfect word to describe my good fortune to happen upon Diane Novak in August of 2004. Diane's web address was tagged on the end of an e-mail I received. What is remarkable about that is the fact that I didn't know the person who sent the e-mail and I would find out later that Diane also didn't know this person.

I foster cairn terriers that are given up and often in danger of being put to sleep. I was quite concerned about a new little female that had just come to live with me. It was at this time that I received the e-mail with Diane's info. I contacted her in hopes that she could offer assistance or advice. I live 3000 miles away and Diane said that she would be able to do long-distance Reiki with this pup. I sent her some pictures and minimal information on the dog. I spoke with Diane a few days later and she told me that she had the "feeling" that this dog had been through a lot and was feeling safe with me. I shared with Diane that I was thinking of changing t he dog's name and immediately Diane suggested the name Serena - as this dog felt safe and serene in my company. I just about fell off the chair - as just two hours earlier I had called a friend to tell her that I had decided to rename the dog Serena. Diane suggested that I work to establish trust with Serena and that I would know if I should keep her or not. It was decided a few weeks later that Serena had progressed to a place where she could be placed in a forever home. She is now living as a happy little girl who is adored by her forever family.

A few weeks later another new cairn came to live with me. This little guy was a three-time loser and I immediately sent pictures to Diane to see what info she could glean regarding this dog. Again, I told her only the name and age of the dog. The next day Diane sent me this e-mail:

To begin, it's weird but I felt like my bladder was going to give way and I was going to wet myself. I had to run to the bathroom. I wonder if Niko has problems holding in his urine. I had a slight headache off to the left side and a pain in my left arm below the shoulder.

Again - I was so stunned I had to phone her right away. Niko was given up three times due to his frequent urination problems - especially marking. Also, Niko had been attacked by a dog and almost died. He has terrible scars that are on his left side just below where the dogs "shoulder blade" is. Diane was able to discuss with me some ideas on how to work with Niko and now he is ready to be adopted. Niko no longer has any bladder issues and is a happy-go-lucky little man.

I have enlisted Diane's help two other times and on both accounts she was right about these dog's particular issues. The dogs with which I work come into my life with a lot of hurt, sadness and pain. They have been abused, neglected and discarded. Diane has given me the information I need to best help these dogs and enable them to become the loving little creatures they were meant to be. Diane has become an invaluable resource for me and I look to her as a partner in bringing these dogs to the place where they can be re-homed with a loving family who will appreciate them for the blessing they are.

I firmly believe that Diane has a unique gift and I feel exceptionally fortunate to have had the fortuitous opportunity to meet her - 3000 miles away! I know that I will continue to turn to her for her insight & guidance and I strongly encourage others to take advantage of this remarkable woman's talent. I know I have never been disappointed - but even more important - she has given voice to these sweet little animals and they have not been disappointed either.

We all thank you Diane.

M. Rickel, Spokane, Washington
Cairn Rescue USA

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The road to finding Diane happened in an odd way. My dog Cheyenne had battled diabetes for almost 4 and a half years and along the way, she developed a mammarian tumor. Over time, her tumor had grown to be nearly the size of my fist. Her vet felt that the risk of surgery would be too great since she had diabetes, so we opted to monitor the tumor and take it one day at a time. In the summer of 2007, Cheyenne's tumor began bleeding and oozing more than normal, but luckily her vet confirmed it was NOT cancer. The area around the tumor looked like it might be slightly infected and I wanted to help her with something natural, so I stopped by a local shop to purchase lavender oil to apply to her wound.

While I was there, a lady suggested I try Reiki. I went home and researched Reiki online and I chose Diane based on the news articles, her experience and the testimonials.

I'm so glad I called!!! After talking with Diane about Cheyenne and her ailments, I felt extremely comfortable with trying distance reiki. It is an understatement to say how amazed I was after Cheyenne's first session!!

Although Diane didn't tell me the exact time she would be working on Cheyenne, I knew when she was doing it just by watching Cheyenne's movements as we were snuggled on the couch. Cheyenne was lying next to me with her head and a paw on my leg (as always). She hadn't stretched out in quite awhile since she was in some pain, so when she suddenly stretched all four legs and moved her head back for a full body stretch I knew something was happening.

I swear Cheyenne smiled when she stretched out and I could tell she felt very good. After 20 minutes or so of blissful stretching, Cheyenne let out a sigh and wagged her tail. I knew she finally had some relief. Later, when I spoke with Diane, I told her what I witnessed and that I could tell when she performed the distance reiki. We were both so happy! Over the next few weeks, Diane and I spoke often and she performed more sessions.

Unfortunately, nothing could save Cheyenne as diabetes had finally taken its toll on her and she lost her battle on August 23, 2007 at 2:20am; she was 11 1/2 years old. I was blessed that I was there when Cheyenne was born. I was the first person Cheyenne ever touched and I was holding her paw as she passed away peacefully at my grandmother's house.

Diane emailed me that morning to see how Cheyenne was doing. When I called her, she already knew Cheyenne was gone, but she didn't know how to say it. Although Diane had told me days before that she would be there to help me through it when Cheyenne passed, she cried as hard as I did after experiencing the beauty that was my little girl and my best friend in the whole world.

Thanks to Diane, I know that Cheyenne's last days were peaceful and full of love. Diane is an amazing person who is very caring, compassionate and understanding. I have told everyone I know about Diane and I will highly recommend her to anyone with a pet they love dearly. Thank you Diane for the peace you brought to Cheyenne and myself!

Michelle Cook
Frisco, Texas

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