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I called Diane in hopes that she would be able to calm our miniature schnauzer and possibly help alleviate her itchy skin.

Princess has always been very on-guard. It seems that she feels it is her duty to protect our house and will bark incessantly at any noise she hears. She is also resistant to affection when it is first offered. She will growl and become extremely agitated when someone approaches to pet her. It is rare that Princess will relax while we are home unless she is fast asleep.

When Diane would come to do Reiki with Princess, she became a different dog. She would relax, be calm, and let go of her role of protector. The change in the dog was amazing while Diane was working with her.

It also was apparent that she was more outwardly affectionate. She cuddled with me on the couch and would come to me for affection more often.

Although we are still looking for an answer to the itchy skin, I honestly believe that Reiki has made a positive difference in Princess' life.

On a side note, Diane is a wonderful and caring person who I now consider a friend. I would encourage everyone to give Reiki a try!

Middletown, New York

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We were the proud adopted family of a beautiful white female shepherd whose name bore her countenance; "LADY"... She was a gentle giant who gave herself heart and soul to anyone who had the time for a friendly pat on the head.

In her declining years she was stricken with Myelopathy which rendered her rear legs useless, and resulted in tremendous stress on her upper spine and shoulders. Lady received every type of procedure and medication: steroids, hormones, homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic; you name it, we did it....nothing alleviated her shuffling gait or her painful condition, nothing…until we met Diane Novak.

We were amazed at the transformation in Lady from the first session. She was more alert, started eating again; and wanted to go for her "drive-out" (her daily car ride with the family); by the second visit she was "smiling" at Diane.

When we first came to see Diane, Lady was literally at "Death's Door". As the result of the Reiki therapy, Lady lived another eight months, but more than the time, was the quality of her final days. They were spent quietly, peacefully, and pain free with the dignity she so deserved.

We were blessed to share our lives with such a wonderful creature, and so grateful we had the wisdom to overcome our doubts and find what we needed for our dear friend.

Sue Reisman, Lady's co-owner
Greentown, Pennsylvania

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I have been amazed in the changes that I have seen in Spanky since Diane came to work with her. Reiki was something I knew only by its name. When I was very desperate about my dog's health, a friend suggested that I give Reiki a try and call Diane Novak.

After the first treatment, my husband said whatever happened it sure has made a difference in Spanky's attitude. He felt Spanky had acquired a new lease on life. Spanky has even started to remember her old habit of begging for table scraps. We haven't seen her do that in four months.

Spanky is doing less barking and seems to be calmer. Even though she is blind, she has recently tried to jump up on our bed. Her spirit is stronger than we have seen it in months. We are grateful for Diane's assistance. Her gentle spirit with Spanky is especially unique.

I would suggest Reiki as a supplemental treatment for any animal who is sick or recovering from a chronic illness. It is something that has to be experienced to truly believe how effective and successful it can be. We encourage others to give Reiki a try.

D. Himmelberger, Newburgh, New York

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Abby is a 6 year old mixed breed. I got her when she was 3 and I was her third owner in 3 years. She is the sweetest, most loving, and attention-demanding dog I have ever known. She and I immediately fell in love and our bond is unbreakable. Unfortunately Abby has a few issues... she will urinate in the house, eat feces and she is jealous.

When I got Abby I was living alone with two cats. So it was basically just us. Within a few months I fell in love with my (now) husband. Our relationship moved pretty quickly and soon it was Abby and me, the two cats, a man and a miniature schnauzer (Princess). Abby adjusted pretty well to those new additions to our family.

About 6 months later I pleaded and begged for a Golden Retriever, which is what I have longed for many years. My husband finally gave in and we brought home a 5 week old little girl who we named Grace. Abby once had puppies and she took pretty well to Grace, she was motherly and gentle with her.

As time went on and Grace got bigger and bigger and very bold and Abby became sort of displaced and therefore depressed. Grace was taking over her time with me and when Abby came to me for attention, Grace would push her out of the way. Grace can be a bully. She tries to antagonize Abby into playing. Abby is just "so over that"!

Since Diane had worked on our schnauzer, Princess I thought that having her work on Abby might help her come out of her funk. Diane started working with Abby, who wasn't quite sure that it was ok to be so "intimate" with someone else. It took her a while to settle down, but when she did she was extremely content and calm. While Diane was working with Abby she and I would talk about things that I could do to help her between sessions.

Diane suggested many things which we worked into our routine like, taking the dogs out to play more often, spending alone time with Abby, taking Abby to "school" so she and I would have something that was just ours to do.

These things really helped me understand and appreciate Abby even more and everything combined helped Abby reclaim her place in our crazy family. I can't thank Diane enough for all she has done for our animals, and particularly me. Diane is such a wonderful person with a warm and caring spirit. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to improve or enhance the lives of the animals they love.

Suzanne McClinsey, Middletown New York

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What a wonderful experience for Susie and me to work with Diane at the SPCA PAWfest in Martinsville.

Susie had a one-week old injury of a broken pelvis. We visited with Diane two times, about 3 hours between sessions. Both times, when visiting with Diane, Susie and I were very much at ease as we sat on the blanket together.

Each time Diane would explain what she was doing and what was going on. I feel I was more comfortable and relaxed during the second session.

During that time, Susie stood up and walked a few steps without hardly any limp (something she had not done that week). It was breathtaking for me, the owner! I had been so scared of Susie's injury but this was a very promising moment and now, 4 weeks after the injury, she is doing fabulous.

Thanks so much Diane!

Pam Allen
Martinsville, Virginia

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Miracles do happen and sometimes more than once. If you are in search of a Reiki Practitioner for yourself or your pet, look no further than to Diane Novak, who has a heart of gold and whose intentions are pure.

Logan is our 3 year old black and white handsome Tibetan terrier who we often call “Handsome Boy”. We’ve always considered Logan a bit of a miracle and now even more so. Logan came into this world as a complete surprise to all. The vet saw only two little pups during an ultra sound and after his mother whelped his two siblings she began to fuss again. To everyone’s surprise, Logan arrived!

As a little pup, he already showed signs of determination and a strong fighting spirit. With the exception of occasional tummy upsets and a skin problem which a short bout of antibiotics took care of, Logan was always in the pink of health. Then in mid-June 2006, we noticed that he seemed to be drinking a lot more water than usual. We brought him to the Vet who gave him an injection of antibiotics and told us that there was nothing to worry about as long as he was still eating and actively playing

Logan then started to vomit about 4-5 hours after each meal.

A week after the injection, he became jaundiced – his eye whites, skin and gums were yellow. The Vet gave him a different cocktail of antibiotic injection which Logan reacted violently to that night, refusing food and vomiting bile and liquid hourly through the night. We decided to bring him to a different Vet the next day. The x-ray and ultrasound indicated an inflamed pancreas and liver – the liver even looked “lumpy” as described by the Vet.

His blood results were extremely worrying; all the values were either dangerously high or low. His Vet could not determine which precipitated the other – the pancreatitis or liver disease. We brought him home that evening after with supplements and instructions to bring him back the next day.

His blood results were worse the next day and the Vet recommended he be hospitalized so that he could be fed intravenously to give his pancreas and liver a rest.

Logan stayed in the hospital for two nights. He was clearly unhappy and distressed. He came home and for the next 4 weeks he refused all food and only drank water. We continued to give him vitamins and supplements either via a catheter or orally. His prognosis by the Vet was very poor and she suggested exploratory surgery but we decided against it to avoid causing more harm and stress to Logan

With conventional medicine appearing to have limitations on healing Logan, we felt we needed special help which is perhaps, not so conventional (not yet anyway). It was the beginning of July, when by twist of fate we found Diane’s website.

As we live in Singapore (half-way around the world) we sent Diane a current photo of Logan and she promised to get started on distance healing immediately. After the first couple of sessions, we noticed Logan slowly showed positive signs of improvement. He would have little bursts of energy and as the days went by; he started showing interest in food. He continued to have good days and bad. We were grateful for every good day that he had. Diane continued her long distance Reiki sessions for Logan. Throughout his most difficult period, she continued to provide comfort and support to us through her kind words and encouragement.

As Logan’s appetite began to improve, we fed him mostly a vegetarian diet (Avoderm), with daily doses of Milk Thistle and other supplements to help his liver and pancreas recover. In the third week of July, 2006, we took Logan to the Vet for further blood tests to see how his liver and pancreas were functioning. The results of Logan’s blood results were astonishing – his vet was in shock at the results and utterly pleased, all the indicators of his liver and pancreas were almost all at normal levels, which meant his liver and pancreas were fully functional and normal. Today he is running around the house, chasing and playing soccer with his favorite ball with an energetic passion and seems to be making up for lost time!

We had stopped all medication at about the time Diane started Reiki because we were unsure if his liver could break down the medication. We continued with natural supplements such as Milk Thistle and vitamins.

Logan’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle, and we truly believe that Diane’s Reiki treatments for Logan played an incredibly big and strong part that led to his recovery. We will share Logan’s Reiki experience with his Vet later this month as we believe that Logan is testament of the success and effectiveness of Reiki and that it does heal, even long distance. If you are looking for help with Reiki, have no doubt that you have found the right source in Diane and her friends - who we like to call the “angel network”. We will always remain grateful to Diane for what she did for Logan, and for us.

Veronica Groom (Logan’s Godma) / Leona Tan (Logan’s Momma)

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I found Diane after a long search for someone who could make my 15 ½ year old German Shephard/Lab Mix have a little more dignity and comfort in his time left with me.

Zack had been losing the use of his hind legs and lower back for about 3 years. I thought for the longest time that it was arthritis and I kept him on Rimadyl and Glycoflex. The Glycoflex helped but I felt that it just wasn’t enough.

Zack had therapies with a wonderful Vet in Farmville (1 ½ hours from my home). She examined Zack and told me it was nerve damage not arthritis. She suggested swim therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. These treatments were awesome, but the vet was so far away.

Zack's mind was still sharp and he was so full of love. He never yelped or cried out in pain, just moved very slowly.

As I continued my search to find therapy closer to my home, I found Diane’s website and called her.

When Diane introduced herself to Zack it was puppy love at first sight. Although he was always skittish of strangers, he took right to Diane.

Diane worked on him for ½ hour the first time and I could see the light returning to his old aging eyes. It was incredible. He looked 3 years younger!!!

I took Zack home gave him lots of water and let him rest. That evening he was up and about, checking out things sniffing and exploring. The only other thing that made him feel this good was swim therapy that was 1 ½ hours away!!!

I kept Zack in swim therapy but we used Diane in between visits. The second time she came I could hear Zack cooing. He was so relaxed and in such a wonderful state while Diane worked on him.

After this session, I saw Zack considering going up a staircase. I wouldn’t let him, but he hadn’t even thought about stairs for 3-4 years. These sessions made him feel young again.

After several sessions, Diane told me that she noticed a cold spot in Zack’s spine. I asked the vet in Farmville and she examined him thoroughly and said that Zack had a few compressed vertebrae in that area that weren’t there before She determined that it was probably from the extra work his front legs were doing from hauling his back legs around. She gave him some pain shots.

By this time Zack began losing a lot of urine. I took him back to the vet December 23 of all days. She examined him and said that he was going into kidney failure and it was time to send him to heaven.

I just want to thank Diane for being Zack’s energy healer and best friend. Zack lived for 16 years and 2 months. And I thank Diane greatly for those last 3-4 months. Without her, Zack wouldn’t have made it those last few months and he wouldn’t have been comfortable at all. I wish that we would’ve known about Diane long before we did!!!!


Shana Sayers
Zack’s Mom

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"Reiki has helped my 14-year-old Doberman Shepherd mix, Pupper, in ways that are hard to understand.  He has been getting weaker with age and struggles a lot when walking which makes him anxious. 
As soon as Diane comes into the house, Pupper goes right to his bed and waits for her to start.  He gives happy moans while she is working on him and seems to just melt into his bed.
After his sessions with Diane, Pupper walks better and holds himself taller.  His energy feels more relaxed and  confident.
Diane is like an angel to Pupper.  She has given him better quality of life in his golden years. 

We love her for that. "

Hope Cogen
High Hopes Dog Training
Roanoke, VA


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