Horse Reiki Testimonials


I contacted Diane because our horse Lance has allergies. He tends to cough occasionally. I noticed that he never seemed to exhale with a snort as other horses often do. At our first visit I was not sure what to expect.

Diane was great! She seemed to bond with Lance immediately. As Diane predicted, Lance was soon in the "zone" and totally relaxed. After our 2nd session Lance started to lick my hands & arms and was snorting quite often (now I realized how infrequent his snorting had been.) What truly amazed me through our Reiki experience was the new level of bonding Lance & I had. I am able to touch his ears now without him raising his head in protest. Diane showed me a few areas that are sensitive to Lance and how to massage those areas.

I can now turn my horse into pure mush with a few soothing words and rubbing the ears that he never wanted me to touch!

Terri Hirsch

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As Diane was doing her Reiki work on Sunshine ( an elderly mare living across the street), Cee Cee (my mare) was already receiving full benefits of Sunshine's treatment.

When we finished with Sunshine, we walked across the street and Cee Cee was in full stretch. I have owned Cee Cee for many years and have never seen her do this. As Diane did the Reiki process, Cee Cee continued to stretch, chew, and do big yawns.

It was so much fun watching all of this. Cee Cee has been diagnosed with arthritis. In conjunction with adequan and the Reiki therapy she is doing quite well! She is getting around much better and we even enjoy an occassional trail ride.

Thank you Diane for your beautiful healing technique; it brings me peace to see Cee Cee living out her retirement years in comfort!

Cindy Pasternak

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Oakley is described by her owner as a Quarter Horse- Sorrel about 5 yrs old and 15 hands. Her presenting issues were pain and stiffness in the stifle area. After two Reiki sessions two weeks apart these changes were noted:

Changes with Physical body: Free movement - more comfortable with self.

Emotional or Mental Changes: More at ease -calmer - happier

Changes toward other animals/people/barn etc: More accepting

After two Reiki sessions, Oakley seems more at ease with herself and those around her. Her demeanor is softer, and more accepting. Areas on her body that caused her distress when touched have no become areas that I CAN TOUCH AND HANDLE - with care- but can be touched!!

Lynn Satalino
Wirtz, Virginia
Never Too Late Stables

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Nova is described by her owner as a Clyde X-bay who is 5 years old and 15.2 hands. Her presenting problems were 1) Slow to trust; and needs her confidence with people boosted. After two thirty minute Reiki sessions over the course of two weeks; these changes were noted:

Changes with Physical Body: Nova held her head lower.

Emotional or Mental Changes: More relaxed - she was calm in situations that would normally spook her.

Changes towards other animals/people/barn: Loving and calmer!

Nova is generally calmer and more relaxed now. She doesn't rub her teetch along the stall front or kick at the stall door as much as she used to.

Katie Streeff
Blacksburg, Virginia

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 From the very beginning, Donnie was a shy horse; he would stand pinned against the back wall of his stall, cringing, whenever someone came down the aisle, and we had difficulty picking up his feet and even getting his halter on over his ears. It was clear he had been mistreated in the past and that we needed to take our time with him, starting from the beginning and patiently trying to earn his trust.

He made considerable progress, but it just wasn’t enough. Donnie eventually began exhibiting “panic attacks” that seemed completely unprovoked. We had veterinarians check him over, but none could find signs of an underlying physical cause. We even tried treating him for EPM which, in rare cases, can manifest in the form of an exaggerated menace response, but all to no avail.

Something was still not right and Donnie was becoming even more unpredictable. He would go a month without incident and then, suddenly and for no apparent reason, have another “episode.” At a complete loss, I turned him out for the winter, determined to try again in the spring after he had had some time off.

As spring was approaching, I was trying to think of new ways to approach Donnie and his training when I first received an e-mail from Diane. Like most people, I didn’t know much about Reiki, but with nothing to lose, I asked her to come out and meet Donnie.

From the very first session, I noticed a subtle change in him. Normally shy at feeding time among the herd, Donnie would hang back and let the other horses feed first. But this evening, he walked right up between the two most dominant horses in the field and ate his dinner. To my amazement, there were no confrontations.

Since then, after additional sessions with Diane, Donnie has become completely comfortable in the barn allowing us to not only to put his halter on over his ears, but to scratch them as well! He seems more relaxed and assured, to the extent that, during one of his Reiki sessions, he remained lying down nearly the whole time Diane worked on him!

And his nickers to Diane when she walks into the barn assure us that we are doing something right for him.

The change in him is undeniable. We now feel confident slowly starting him back in training and hopefully, with a little bit of Reiki and a lot of love, we can help to make a difference for this special little horse.

Jacquie Elliot
Glenshee Equestrian
Montgomery, New York

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