Human Reiki Testimonials


Diane and I connected very quickly after talking about our pets. I knew Diane had a kind heart and a special gift when it came to helping animals. I did not realize that her gift extended to helping people as well. In the course of our conversation, I realized I had put up with an annoying pain in my hips, which often woke me up.

Diane asked if I would like her to do Reiki with me. I of course was intrigued and said, "yes". I immediately felt a deep sense of relaxation and warmth in the area that hurt. I enjoyed the moment not giving any thought to outcome. I was impressed with Diane's ability to tell me where she felt the problem was.

That night when I went to bed, I noticed that I did not hurt and quickly fell asleep. I slept so soundly that I did not wake up until 8:15 the next morning. The best part was I did not have any pain that I had grown accustomed to for the last four months. I too want to learn more about self- healing which is available for us all to learn. I would recommend Diane to anyone who is looking for a natural non-invasive approach to healing ourselves AND our loves ones.

Nancy Swartz SML Virginia

Follow UP: Nancy has since decided to learn Reiki and is now a Reiki l practitoner who has tremendous talent and a sincere desire to help others.

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Diane Novak has a gift. I have been told many times in my stressful life, that I could benefit from Reiki. I have often taken advantage of energy healing in other related subjects. But when I heard about Diane, I didn’t hesitate to call her. She loves pets…I love pets….but her Reiki techniques are not limited to animals. Diane goes a few steps further. She applies the traditional Reiki techniques along with personal touches.

Diane addresses what is happening with your body TODAY!

I have had problems with physical, personal and emotional situations. Physically I have issues with a pinched nerve in my lower back, tight joints and more. I didn’t have to tell this to Diane. She simply utilized her Reiki training and techniques and was able to tell ME where my physical problems were located.

She also goes the extra mile and helped me with my spiritual and inner growth. My job requires a lot of driving which results in physical discomfort. My personal life; post-divorce, is an emotional roller coaster. There is not one issue that is not addressed in Reiki. If you don’t understand it, just trust it.

Call Diane, you will not be sorry.

Jane Lester Boney

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Note: Karen is a well known Animal Communicator who lives at Smith Mountain Lake not far from my home. This is what she says about Reiki:

Being in a state of balance helps all aspects of my life. When I need extra help to regain my balance, I use several modalities including Reiki. I have learned when I am relaxed and surrender to the sweet Reiki energy, I get what I need.

When my session began with Diane, a loving, gentle feeling came over me and I melted into it. As our time progressed, I felt better and better.

Suddenly issues I had been grappling with came up and knew I needed to address them.

Diane helped me tune into my concerns and lead me into a gentle discussion about them. With her guidance I realized what I truly wanted, and began to feel empowered about resolving those issues. When the session was over, Diane encouraged me to take a full day to integrate the session.

During the next 24 hours I experienced my body changing energetically. This affected me both physically and mentally. I was in a sweet, calm, place; a place I strive for on a daily basis. After this period I had renewed energy and my JOY BAROMETER was on high.

Thank you Diane!

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My name is Jeanette and in late summer of 2006 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had overwhelming fatigue, a high Epstein Bar Indicator for Mono, low grade fever for several months, joint pain that interfered with my sleep, and nausea. I was now unable to work.

I learned of Diane through a newspaper article and read other accounts where Reiki was of great help in the body’s healing process. Western traditional medicine did not offer any cures so I thought why not look at Alterative forms of medicine – what did I have to lose? I had to be open to whatever was the path to healing, wholeness, and wellness.

I first saw Diane in September of 2006. Each time I went to see her I was running a low grade fever. And after every Reiki session my fever went away and remained absent for the next 2 days! This was the start of my recovery from the draining effects of a persistent low grade fever.

During each Reiki session I felt a wave of warmth, calmness, and a desire to be open, free, and unafraid. I knew deep down in my soul this was my first step towards health.

Diane was concerned about the wellness of my whole being – my life, employment, family, social support, nutrition, as well as my health. I always felt so good and had renewed energy after each session plus as mentioned, my fever would be gone for 3 days.

If you are searching for health, and your journey has been one of difficulty, consider this option. Do your homework, read everything you can. You’ll never know unless you try!

Enjoy good health and happiness!

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Darlene was the secretary at my son's middle school in Rocky Mount, Virginia. As a volunteer I would have to sign in at her desk. Almost every conversation we had included a tightness in her shoulders and problems with heartburn.

One day I asked her if I could demonstrate Reiki and hopefully alleviate some of her discomfort. Darlene allowed me to place my hands on her shoulders and bring in the Reiki Energy. She accessed the energy quickly and felt an almost instant release of pain and sense of relaxation. Darlene had constant knee pains as well but could not find the time during the busy school year to schedule a full session. During the summer Darlene called and said she'd really like a full session so we met at my office in Westlake.

Her comments below are in response to a follow up questionaire. Darlene has since sent me her husband Mike and daughter Ashley.
Tell us if you noticed any changes in your body following your session:
The excruciating knee pain that I had was completely gone! My heartburn went away for about two weeks and returned after I ate some spicy food. But I have been on heartburn meds for five years prior to this.
Did you notice any specific changes in your emotions?
I had an overall change in my emotions' I felt happier, was calmer and more relaxed. Literally nothing seemed to upset, bother or worry me.
Would you feel comfortable recommending Energy healing to others?
Yes and I already have because I truly believe it works!
Postscript:Darlene has applied for and gotten a new job working as the secretary for an administrator within the school board. She is making more money and has less stress than in her former position. Her daughter Ashley thinks ithe Reiki gave her the courage to go for it! We're just so thrilled that Darlene has made a this positive life change!

Go Darlene!!

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Mike Smith is Darlene's husband and decided to give Reiki a try when he saw his wife bounding up the stairs of their home (she suffered with knee pain for years). Mike was dealing with some unpleasant foot pain that the doctors could not relieve with either therapy or medication. Mike felt he had nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain from a session. This is his Reiki follow up story:

Tell us if you noticed any changes in your body following your energy session:
Yes, My feet were on fire upon arriving and when I left they were 100% better. They remained so for approximately 2 1/2 weeks. * see below

Did you notice any specific changes in your emotions:
Relaxed and at peace with myself and my surroundings.

Would you feel comfortable recommending energy healing to others?
Yes. I think it has some benefits thought I cannot say how or why. I would like to know more about the history and culture/background of Reiki.

Postscript: We happily sent Mike a short history of Reiki and encouraged him to borrow books from the library or my personal collection.
* Mike experienced one stressful weekend visiting family and his foot pain returned for a few days. Darlene called to make a new appointment but she cancelled because happily Mike's foot pain disappeared again. :)

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