What is Reiki?

Reiki pronounced (RAY-KEY)is a Japanese word meaning 'universal life force energy'. In explaining Reiki I use the metaphor of the plumber or the Roto Rooter Man who un-clogged people's drains. Once the drain has been un-clogged, everything moves freely again.

A Reiki Practitioner (no matter what the level) does not need to know what the person or animal's condition is for healing to occur. Many times the simple desire to heal faciliates healing. 99% of healing is intention. The practitioner places his/her hands above or directly on the person or animal's body for about 3 minutes per area. People are always clothed. It is not necessary for the practitioner to know all the details of the person/animal's pain or condition for Reiki to be effective. When blockages are removed; the ability to receive, hold and store more energy is increased. All living things benefit from Reiki.

What does Reiki feel like?

During a treatment, the client is totally clothed. Sessions can be done with the client lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. For animals it is wherever the animal is most comfortable (floor or bed/couch). The human or animal client may feel a warm sensation at the area the practitioner touches. Or it may feel like pins and needles("tingly"). Some clients feel no sensation at all. Most animals enjoy Reiki but some are surprised by the sensations. Animals have been known to get up and move away from the practitioner's hands on the first session but even the most timid animals enjoy the pleasant warmth emanating from my hands and return to me for more. However, it is important to respect the animal's wishes and not "push". Reiki Healing should always be willingly accepted and never be imposed on anyone. You will know what your animal's wishes are the moment Reiki begins flowing through the practitioner's hands.

Will my own or my animal's problem/issue clear up immediately?

It would be highly uncommon for your or your animal's issues to clear up after just one Reiki session. What you will notice after the first session is a feeling of deep relaxation. You may find the sleep you is deeper and more restful the day of your session. Some people (and animals) have actually snored while I worked on them. I consider this a great compliment. With equines, the most common response is licking and chewing, yawning and stretching. Following a Reiki session it is very important to drink lots of water, so please make sure you have plenty of fresh water on hand for your animal. You will want to be able to rest following a session. Please allow Performance Animals at least 24 hours to rest following a Reiki session. Reiki continues to work through us for several hours.

Reiki Works For Your Highest Good:

It is important to note that Reiki works for the Highest Good of all living things. If there are underlying causes to a particular problem, Reiki will attend to those first. There is no set time table for results although many owners report seeing movement after four to five sessions. There have been occasion where changes have occurred in less than four sessions as well.

Does Reiki conflict with Christianity or other religious teachings?

Reiki healing, like veterinary medicine, is not tied to any particular religion, and is practiced by members of all faiths. Many Christians in particular see Reiki as an opportunity to follow the teaching and examples of Jesus healing the sick. The ability use Reiki to do good works for people and their pets is a wonderful gift, and we have heard of so many stories where Reiki made a positive difference in the lives of friends, neighbors, and even strangers thousands of miles away, that we encourage people to discover what Reiki can do for them or their animals. We also teach that as one of God's gifts, Reiki is available to everyone to learn and use to make the world a better place.

Reiki is a COMPLEMENTARY therapy and not mean to be a replacement for good medical or veterinary care.

Animals and Reiki:

Some animals (like people) are not in the mood for Reiki. There may be a distraction in the immediate area where worked on or they cannot 'do the work' until the 'thing' claiming their attention is taken care of. I once worked with a horse who just could not concentrate on receiving the energy because the lush grass a few feet away 'called' to him. Once satiated, he allowed me to work on him.

Taking My Cues:

I generally take my cues from the animal I am working with. When they are ready to stop 'working', they will either get up and walk away or give me some other indication. Then there are those animals that simply do not want Reiki, and it is their right to refuse it. Usually they accept the energy quite willingly, but not all the time. One small dog I tried working with simply refused my offer of Reiki. He let me know by nipping me. It wasn't that he didn't like me. I was okay to play fetch with, but he just did not want the Reiki, so we played fetch.

Reiki works for all living things highest good. It is not something you impose on an animal just as you would not impose it on a human being. For more information, do your own research or email diane@reikipets.com